UserTraining :

User Service Center sets different courses in accordance with different users includingengineers, operators and maintenance personnel, which could meet a variety oftraining needs. The user training courses guarantee that the users could usethe product correctly, monitor and maintain the equipment timely andeffectively.


On-site service engineersprovide on-site installation instructions, and running and commissioning of theequipment meanwhile. The engineers closely cooperate with the constructionsunits and users, and they deal with all the related problems of the installedproduct timely and ensure the system to be operated safely without delay.

Technical Support:

The technical center ofProject Department is responsible for the modification, maintenance, technologyconsulting and other tasks of the equipment. It provides the users withcontinuous reliable technical support, deals with technical problems timely andmeanwhile stores the spare parts so as to satisfy the users’ urgent needs.

On-site Service

Follow the service aimthat all the requests will be granted. Give response to the users’ requirementsin 24 hours. Rush to the site as soon as possible. Treat the customers with onehundred percent enthusiasm. Make the customers fully satisfied no matterbefore-sale or after-sale. Make the customers perfectly satisfied with theproduct.

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